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Frankie Stones teams up with Pacific Northwest rap legend Sleep, of Oldominion and the Chicharones, on the track Manufactured Light. Produced by Jeff James, this is the second single off Stones' upcoming album Rampant Illness due to be released on 8-07-15. Manufactured Light is a glimpse beneath the surface of true underground hip-hop. The song centers on the idea that we are fed a synthetic diet of commercialism and imperialism. However, we are not powerless in our decision to consume this “Manufactured Light.”


The issue of marijuana production and consumption has reached its inevitable paradox, floating presently in a limbo between illicit crop and mainstream commodity. It is a revolution that has been smoldering for decades in the underbelly of American culture and politics. Every revolution needs an anthem. That anthem is here, delivered by underground hip-hop sensation Frankie Stones on his new album Rampant Illness. The track “Cultivating Culture” (featuring Stones' younger brother M@Lrg) addresses the current state of marijuana, not from the standpoint of criminalized substance, but from the platform of agricultural viability. On the chorus of “Cultivating Culture”, Frankie Stones declares "We're not gangsters, in fact we're much closer to farmers." The statement comes from a lifetime of familial dedication to the art and labor of cannabis, and the sentiment behind the lyrics carries deep roots. Stones' father has, for the past three decades, provided their rural community on the Northern Oregon Coast with a steady and aesthetically premium supply of homegrown marijuana. That inherent dedication to the craft has been passed down to his sons like an internal torch, burning hot and unapologetic. “Cultivating Culture” is a bass-pounding, mic-shredding gem of modern underground hip-hop, chalk full of insightful verse and relentless poise. But the song is also an illuminating glimpse into the broader perspective of modern-day marijuana culture. So, blaze that blunt, raise your fist, and pass that shit to your left.

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