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Frankie Stones was born in Manzanita, Oregon shortly after his parents and older brother moved there from Long Island, New York. They left New York to start a new life following his father’s release from prison. And so, Frankie Stones’ launch pad, conceived out of work release, from the big apple to the little apple.

Frankie Stones currently lives in Portland, Oregon, focusing on his work as a Special Educator for emotionally disturbed children, running McCannabis Records and professional arm wrestling.

Frankie Stones began releasing hip-hop music in 2000 and his most recent release “Rampant Illness” was dropped in 2015. Stones handled production along side McCannabis Records super producer Jeff James and collaborated with other artists such as, Northwest rap legend Sleep of Oldominion on the album.  Stones’ exceptional abilities as a writer and vocalist, along with his devotion to both the roots and evolution of hip hop shine through on the record.


Independent Hip Hop Record Label

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