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Sprouting from the gardens of a small hippy commune in Northern California called Oz, shortly thereafter finding himself uprooted and replanted in the slightly larger beach town of Manzanita Oregon, this Pacific Northwest based rapper/producer has influences Stemming from some unlikely places. From a mother who grew up on a hog farm in Missouri, who moved to California to practice medicine, and a father who's family moved from South Dakota to LA in the late 1950s; you'd definitely say he's a little bit country, a little bit rock n roll, though neither genre presents itself in his music. From his lyrics you'd think him a bit of a geek. And seeing as how he's a gamer, anime fan-artist, sci-fi enthusiast, and Lord Of The Rings fanatic, you'd probably be right on the money. But the music of his parents' generation was a big part of his upbringing, instilling the bravery to destroy genres and use their raw materials to build a new world. Stem And Leaf Plot's casual stage presence belies his lyrical prowess and skill with production equipment. Some would even say he downplays himself, but there's a definite lack of promotion disproportionate to the ground breaking vision being presented to his scant listeners. With a peppering of Soundcloud followers and an ever-growing net-fam spanning the globe it's plain to see that Dakota Reinke aka Stem And Leaf Plot has what the world wants and, he would be so bold as to say, needs.

Space... The final frontier?

Not for this ginger. He's a time-traveling thought astronaut.


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