New Frankie Stones Album "lil' francis" Out Now!

On Lil' Francis, Frankie Sones' first full-length solo release since Rampant Illness (2015), we find the rapper delving into a space-like odyssey of isolation and lost contact. She Already Knows, the third track off the album, finds Stones "Feelin' restless from this electric chair." Two songs later he wakes up to war. The production of this track, entitled Set The Tone, digs into modern hip-hop textures, displaying an aesthetic much in the vein of Yung Bleu or Future. But if the album Lil' Francis contains a single theme rooted in anything specific, it is one of perseverance in the face of a world growing more and more disconnected, despite notions of advanced accessibility. Stones’ exceptional abilities as a writer and vocalist, along with his devotion to both the roots and evolution of hip hop shine through on the record.

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